Slot Machine History

Before the influx and evolution of online slots, the slot machine has gone through a storied history -- a history that includes its invention and transformation to progressive slots. Slot machines first featured three reels.

Modern online slots feature three or more. But instead of a virtual button you click with your mouse, classic slot machines use a lever or a button to spin the three reels.

Old Slot MachineOld fashioned slot machines had a lever but the lever has since been replaced by a button. Pulling a lever is more tiring than simply pressing a button. But if you really want to feel the authenticity of playing slots than you need to head to your local casino and find one. Online slots are a lot easier and overall costs of playing online slots are cheaper. You don't have to spend transportation money, gas money, food money, in addition to your gambling money.

Casino based slot machines use a cash detector to tell if a player ahs inserted coins or cash. IT has to determine if the money is authentic or counterfeit. Online slots don't feature this. The only thing it features is numbers representing your money. Transferring money to online casinos is safe, sure and fool-proof. It's almost impossible to counterfeit online money and wire transfers.

Land based casinos make an estimated 75% of their revenue from their slots. It's also estimated that online slots do the same for their online casinos. It's a big part of their income and makes more money compared to table games such as roulette, poker and blackjack.

The first ever slot machines was invented by New Yorkers Pitt and Sittman. It's expected that the slot machine they developed is poker based. Since then slot machines have evolved in design and variation. Online slots have the most variation, creativity and selection.

Slots machines have come a long way from being poker based to now being online.

Written by Alex, who's always keen to try out the latest casino games. She enjoys blogging about her online experiences and her favourite thing at the moment is playing Tasty bingo games when she has time.